Digital transformation has infiltrated all sides and ends of business including industrial floors. This transformation allows for secure remote access for machine builders, factory owners and utility installations. It will also make a notable improvement to efficiency – including productivity and compliance, profits and cut down on costs. The Industrial Internet of Things or IIoT is merging the business side with the factory floor through the collaboration of IT and Operations Technology or OT.

Changing the way manufacturers and industries operate

The IIoT is changing the way manufacturers and industries such as Oil and Gas operate. Through IIoT machine sensors can detect errors and impending failures before these happen and signal management and make the necessary decisions to avert the disruptions to operations as well as implement necessary safety measures to ensure zero accidents on the manufacturing floor. The convergence of IT and OT systems, is then treated as one process that can be optimized. The future is creating smart products with sensors that can detect defects saving manufacturing companies millions of dollars in recalls and the company brand name.

Through secure remote access, factory owners can monitor and be informed remotely on operations without the aid of supervisors or onsite staff. This is a leap forward in hastening the decision-making process and response time in operational crises. Secure remote access of factory owners connects specialists to their factories across the world without traveling and can come up with a solution in less time. This cuts down on the cost of travel and saves time in managing operational crises.

The security aspect of industrial remote access

Security has always been the challenge in industrial remote access through the internet. This challenge is addressed by strict access for authorized personnel with actions aligned with approved policies and protocols. Secure remote access for factory owners and machine builders must be an in depth defense system – based on the factor that at any given level of protection, it can still be infiltrated. With this factor, security layers and controls are designed to protect the network systems from a variety of threats.

Secure remote access for factory owners, machine builders and in utility installations is changing business operation processes and creates new opportunities for enterprises never imagined before. IIoT makes it possible to converge IT and OT to create network systems that enable factory owners, specialists and machine builders to be in control with a tap of their fingers.

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Secure Remote Access: Changing the Way Enterprises and Industries Operate

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